How To Choose the Right Composite Deck

With dozens of composite wood decking brands available, how do you choose which one to go with? Ask yourself these questions before you build your dream deck.

1. How Moisture-Resistant Is the Product?

Composite decking is made of a mix of wood fibers, plastic, and small amounts of additives like pigments. The wood fibers provide strength, while the plastic protects the finished boards against moisture damage. However, composite wood decking brands vary widely in their moisture performance. Resistance to moisture depends on how fully the plastic encapsulates the wood fibers.

For example, MoistureShield, one of the leaders in composite decking, can be installed underwater without voiding its warranty. It doesn't get much more moisture-resistant than that.

2. What Warranties Back Composite Wood Decking?

Warranties will vary across brands and even composite decking styles within brands. The industry average is about 10-years on the warranty coverage, but some extend well past this, and others fall well short. When browsing, make sure you know the coverage terms of the warranty for that particular style. It is also wise to read up on the claims process before you buy. Sometimes to qualify, you will need to register your purchase online within a certain time frame, or hold on to proof of purchase for a specific period. Whatever the claim process and registration requires, make sure you understand it before you make the purchase to maximize your time to get everything handled.

3. How Hot Will Composite Decking Get in The Summer?

As composites are denser than wood decking, they tend to absorb heat and can become uncomfortably hot in summer. An overly hot deck reduces the time you can spend enjoying it, so it is important to evaluate temperature performance when choosing the best composite decking.

One option to consider is the MoistureShield Vision decking line. It is equipped with CoolDeck technology that reduces heat absorption up to 35% compared to conventional capped composites and decreases heat transfer on contact.

4. How Much Recycled Content Do Typical Composite Wood Decking Contain?

For homeowners interested in reducing their environmental footprint, some composite decking brands contain recycled content. The amount of recycled material varies widely. Check out some of the bigger composite decking companies websites to find out what percentage of their deck board are actually made out of recycled content. You may be surprised what you find.

So Which Composite Decking Is Best?

Our preferred vendor of composite decking is MoistureShield, and that is because we believe that they provide one of if not the best product on the market. But that doesn't mean that there aren't several other great brands to choose from. It's important that you find the brand that fits best for your needs!

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