Time Is Money in Storm Damage Restoration

The number one mistake we see made over and over in the storm restoration industry comes down to trust.

Your agent/adjuster may be great, but it is always in their best interest to settle your claim for as little as possible, that is just business. Your roofing contractor also has an interest in replacing/repairing your roof. So how does a homeowner navigate the storm process without getting ripped off?

Here's a few tips to get you off on the right foot:

  • Keeping up with the Jones’s: are your neighbors getting work done? Make sure to speak to your neighbors about any work they have had done. If they have, maybe they have a good experience (or not so good experience) they can share with you.

  • Find a local contractor or two and have them perform an inspection to see if it is worth having an insurance adjuster come out to inspect the property. Request the photos that they took on their inspection be sent to you and if possible, have them point out the damage to you physically. Most restoration companies are willing to perform free inspections. We highly suggest you take advantage of this, but we can’t stress enough that you should do research on who you are working with.

  • Deadlines - This can turn into a big problem if not handled in a timely manner. Most insurance carriers allow between 6 months to 2 years to file your claim and complete work from the date of loss (the date of the storm). That time can go by quickly, especially here in Minnesota where we have a shorter exterior building season. Once that deadline is passed, carriers will refuse to pay replacement cost, and sometimes anything at all.

  • Have your homes exterior inspected as soon as possible. Ideally right after a storm occurs, get it checked out ASAP to allow for any snags in the process that may slow it down. The insurance adjustment process can take time, especially for the larger losses. However, we understand it doesn’t isn’t always possible to file right after a storm. There are measures you can take, depending on the carrier, to allow yourself enough time to complete the process by the deadline. Things such as filing from date of discovery, extensions, etc.

Examples like these are among the good reasons to get an opinion or two from your local storm experts and general contractors. Shelter Construction is both a general contractor and an insurance claim restoration expert. We’ve worked in the Minneapolis/St. Paul greater metro area since 2008. It helps to have someone working with you who understands current local and state building codes, applicable statutes, insurance company standard practices, AND previous storm events that may affect your claim

At Shelter we perform free inspections and will perform minor repairs during the inspection to small damage that we find. Call us or fill out the form on our website to schedule an appointment today.